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N/A issue 1: HERE

HERE is a visual reaction to leaving the land of my birth and getting used to an unfamiliar landscape.

N/A is a DIY photozine series.
A bi-monthly publication exploring random themes using photographic images, design and minimal text. Limited to handmade editions of 20, signed & numbered.

18.5cm x 13cm approx (handmade so expect slight imperfections)
16 pages self cover with saddlestitch binding
Inkjet printed on 100gsm Conqueror stock
10 b&w images
£7 inc. delivery | LET ME HAVE ONE!


Alone. Together.

A photographic contemplation on the varied states of being alone.
See selected images from the book HERE.

18cm x 18cm
42 pages + soft cover
Perfect bound
Digitally printed on heavyweight uncoated stock
20 b&w images.
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same / different

The idea for this group project came from my first experience of online study and being able to meet like-minded people from anywhere in the world.

It was done for fun, to see whether I could get a group of photographers together and sell them the concept. I did. So then came the challenge of working out a format that wouldn't cost the earth to print. My first venture into zine production was a success, so much so that it was selected for
The Impressions Gallery Photobook Fair, October 2015.

I have a handful of copies left, get in touch of you'd like one.

A5 landscape
28 pages + self cover
Colour digital print
120gsm silk stock
Saddle stitch binding
£7.00 inc. delivery | LET ME HAVE ONE!